Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Ballad for Statistics

To celebrate International Year of Statistics Prof. A. P. Gore (Former Head, Department of Statistics, University of Pune) has composed a Ballad for Statistics in English, as well as in Marathi.

Here are the lyrics for the same:

To make it more appealing to the common public, an audio with a catchy tune has also been created. Enjoy the songs:
To download, right click and select save link as.

Details of the Audio:
Music Composer - Ashish Kulkarni.
Singers (English) - Parashar Joshi, Pooja Tatvavadi & Megha Palkar
Singers (Marathi) - Kalyani Dasakkar, Ishwari Dasakkar & Ashwini Bhargave


  1. Nice one...both English and Marathi are appealing.

  2. Enjoyed :) .. Outstanding way to promote Statistics..
    Thanks to the Professor, audio team and the Uncertain Minds :)!

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  4. True Life picture in language of Statistics. A P Gore Sir, you are really wonderful composer/ orator